Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Summer Reading Challenge

Here are the books I'm trying to read this summer....

Martin Davies - The Conjuror's bird - Finished June 11th VERY GOOD READ!
Tim Brookes - A Hell of a Place to Lose a Cow - Finished... good
Dana Stabenow - A Taint in the Blood - Finished...VERY VERY GOOD
Jasper Fforde - The Eyre Affair
Josie Dew - A Ride in the Neon Sun
Martha Grimes - The Winds of Change
Barbara Pym - An Unsuitable attachment
Gillian Tindall - The House by the Thames
Jeanne M. Dams - Silence is Golden
Julian Barnes - Arthur and George

If you are familiar with these books at all you might see a pattern. I have to admit that I have to force myself to be a bit more rounded. I love non-fiction (even science stuff!), but if I had my way I would read nothing my mysteries. That would get tedious and boring. I like to read books in some kind of order anyway. I've not figured out why I can be so regimented, when most of my life I want to be free to do what I want. I suppose we all need a bit of order every now and again.

So have you spotted the pattern? Mystery, Fiction and then Non-Fiction. I usually have other books hidden here and there I'm reading....but this is kind of my hour before bed reading!


Lotus Reads said...

That's a great list, Dawn - I haven't read any of those yet so I will be looking for your reviews. Thanks!

I wish I could have set myself a summer reading challenge but come July, we'll be travelling and it might be difficult for me to set up a reading schedule. Guess I'll just pick up books from various airports and make do with those. I have picked up some unusual and marvellous books at airports in the past so I hope I am just as lucky this time!

booklogged said...

Thanks, Dawn for posting your list. Is this an individual challenge where you decide what and by when you will read? I ask because our library has a summer challenge, but there are definite categories. I would like to suggest a few changes, but I'm want to do a bit of reasearch. Appreciate your help.

Framed said...

Thanks for the list. Found your link from comments to Booklogged. I need to quit reading blogs about books because my "To Read" list is getting horrendous. I'm adding five from your list. I've enjoyed reading Stabenow and Grimes. Hope you do too.

Dawn said...


Sorry, I should have taken the time to add the button for the challenge. Here is the website. !


It is fairly individual, you can read what you want and take as long as you need for each book. It is just a way for us to gab about our reading and it has been really good to find book bloggers, because I've not really come across many yet and I'm finding tons now.

I used to work in a Public Library in Indiana, but now I live in the UK and after a year of public library life here, I switched to Academic. I'm in the process of getting my degree through distance learning. I'm assuming your library if probably Public. Where is it at and what do you do there! I was Head of Circulation in Indiana for 7 1/2 years and miss it terrible!


Dawn said...


As usual with the authors I read, I've read the other Grimes and Stabenow in their series. I've put off the Grimes one because I couldn't deal with a sad book last year...but can't wait to read it now. And the Stabenow I wait until I just can't stand it anymore and read it...because I just want to read hers all in one go. Since I don't have access to an American library (they just aren't the same over here!) I have to buy my mysteries now...so I have to wait for them to come out in paperback...which is a PAIN!!!

Framed said...

I bought all of the Kate Shugak series in paperback even though I had read them all. Now they are sitting on the book shelf in pristine condition. Someday I will sit and read them all in order. But I have 120 other books to read first. Thanks for visiting my blog.

booklogged said...

Dawn, about the library - it is public and it's a county libray in a smallish Utah town. Actually, it's been a great library until we hired a new director and he installed a new computer system that hasn't worked for for over 3 weeks. I don't work there, I just frequent the place on a regular basis. Last time I couldn't even look for books because the program was not working. The poor librarians are pulling their hair out. I checked out the summer reading program. Very fun stuff.