Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lauren Henderson

I just finished reading Strawberry Tattoo by Lauren Henderson. I’ve read most of her books, see titles below, and have enjoyed them. (You might actually now Lauren for her recently book about Jane Austen’s Guide to Dating.) Most of them are set in London, England. The lead character Sam Jones is an artist who makes large metal mobiles. She is definitely NOT the normal cosy amateur detective. She is part of the Tart Noir movement (don’t know if that is actually what it should be called..but anyway….)

http://www.tartcity.com/tart2.html which is a good website if you want to check it out. There are other authors that are part of this website that I have read and might talk about later. Sparkle Hayter is one of them…but she hasn’t had anything new out recently…which is too bad because I loved her books.

A bit of a caution here….if recreational drug taking and drink to access will bother you then you might not want to read these books. I was a bit taken back myself. Now I’m not a total prude, but I have to admit that most drugs in books are seen as BAD, but in these books they are just part of her life. It makes it interesting, but I can’t say I am totally comfortable with. But the mysteries are good.

In this book, Sam has gone to New York to have her mobiles part of a Young British Art exhibition at a gallery. She goes over early because she knows someone whose house she can stay in. When she gets there it isn’t to long for her to find herself in the middle of a mess at the gallery. First, one of the girls that worked at the gallery turns up dead. Secondly, the same night someone uses a key and code to get into the gallery and throw red paint all over the current exhibition. These paintings are works from a lady who has made her enemies. There are a lot of different people that could be the perpetrator. Could it be the other British artist that just happens to be early to New York without telling anyone? Or, the lover of the deceased gallery worker? The long lost friend of Sam’s who turns out to be the estranged daughter of the painter’s husband? Is it an inside job? Sam will keep on picking at the problem until she solves it!

Her books do have reoccurring characters, but since this is set in New York and not London you can read this out of order if you want.

The other books by Lauren Henderson in order of publication oldest first:

Dead White Female

Too Many Blondes

Black Rubber Dress

Freeze My Margarita

Strawberry Tattoo


Pretty Boy


Lotus Reads said...

Dawn, this is excellent stuff! I'm so glad you decided to blog about books. I have never read a Lauren Henderson novel and your review has piqued my interest. I will head over to tartcity.com in a little while to read some more. Thank you! I am going to bookmark you, if you don't mind.

ebbye said...

Sounds excellent! I love books like that which play on the characters and have more twists than an episode of Desperate Housewives!
What's Jane Austen's Guide to Dating like?

Think Pink Dana said...

i think the recreational drug use would throw me for a loop too--and for the same reasons!

Urban Domestic Goddess said...

I"m not much of a mystery reader, but you've made this sound very intriguing. I'll have to add it to my (growing) Amazon wish list.

Dawn said...

Of course I don't mind Lotus! I've got you bookmarked!

Ebbye...I've not read her Guide to Dating...though I've heard good things about it.

Rebecca...I'm a bit surprised for some reason I would have thought we had that in common also! This would be a good series if you like cutting edge stuff and not cozy.