Thursday, September 21, 2006


Well, it is that time of the year...leaves are falling....chill is in the air...and they mystery writers are releasing their new books! I was looking at the Bookseller today, and I can't believe how many new books are coming out. Of course that is just here, I'm sure they probably have already been out in the excuse me if I'm not telling you anything new....

I won't cover them all....but ones near and dear to me and my Mom's heart I'll mention:

Elizabeth George "What Came Before He Shot Her"
Ruth Rendell "The Water's Lovely"
Lindey Davis "Saturnalia"
Martin Cruz Smith "Stalin's Ghost"
Simon Brett "Death Under the Dryer"
Boris Akunin "Special Asigments"Janet Evanovich "Motor Mouth"
Anne Perry "At Some Disputed Barricade" is going to take me for ever to get caught up at this rate!!! Isn't it great!!!

Next week....Bill Bryson review! I'm almost finished and it is BRILLIANT!!!


Lotus Reads said...

Woohoo, so many books to look forward to! Everytime I come to your blog Dawn, I am reminded how much I am missing out by not adding mystery novels to my regular reads.

And I can't wait for that Bill Bryson review, yeay!

David said...

Amazing how you find the time to do all you do, with the crafting, reading, etc. I am currently reading a book myself, Chris Economacki biography as helped by Dave Argabright, both noted journalsts in the American auto racing field. Hope to hear from you one of these days.


candie cooper said...

Thanks for listing those. I sooo could relate with the "maybe this isn't new to those of you in the States" line. lol. I always feel like I'm behind on what's going on over there! :-) love your blog.

booklogged said...

Thanks for the list of new mysteries. I am in the states, but hadn't heard that Anne Perry's new WWI mystery was out. I love that series. Whippee!

booklogged said...

It's with sad disappointment that I return so soon. Perry's book will not be released here until Dec. Darn, darn, darn.