Saturday, May 17, 2014

Garman and Worse by Alexander Lange Kielland

I finally finished Gosta Berling.  It was magical to the end.  It is a book that should be read by more people.  In fact the copy I read I had ordered through Interlibrary Loan but I've decided that I need to own a copy.  I'm trying to be more careful with buying the books, since storage is scarce, but I had to own this book!

So I've now gone back to the book I was reading when Gosta Berling arrived.  Kielland is a Norwegian writer.  I had written down in my notes to read him at some point.  I find authors from all sorts of places, so I can't remember where I had read about him.  I decided to start with this book and was able to get it free for my Kindle.

The book was published in 1885, and is set during that time it feels.  The title is taken from the shipbuilding company of Garman and Worse which is owned by the main characters.  The Consul Garman, is running the company primarily.  His brother, Richard, travelled around being irresponsible and comes home with a daughter in toe.  He takes up residence in a lighthouse and raises her very happily there.  When he becomes aware that his daughter Madeline is becoming a woman and interested in a local fisherman, he sends her back in to town to stay with his brother's family.

This has a feel of a Victorian novel where you have lots of characters of all walks of life.  Class is important here, which I'm finding interesting as it is the same as in English literature of that time.  I'm really enjoying it and will let you know how I get on with it.

I was in my favorite "local" independent bookshop (not so local to me but my sister-in-law) Much Wenlock books.  Anna, the owner, was telling me about a website called My Independent Bookshop.  You can put together a list of books you like and can get recommendations based on these.  People can look at your recommendations in your "bookshop".  If you set it up to be attached to a independent bookshop and you buy a book, they receive a percentage of the money.  Have a look for yourself.  I've named my bookshop "Cosmic Dawn's Books", so if you are interested have a look.  Let me know if you sign up and what your bookshop is called so I can have a look!

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