Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Skeleton Crew by Beverly Connor

I’ve been reading through Connor’s work for the last few years, taking my time with them as I try to do with all my mystery series. This one was very good. Lindsay Chamberlain is an archaeologist and forensic anthropologist, which is something I’m strangely interested. I also like the fact that I’ve been on the University of Georgia campus, so I feel that I have a tiny connection.

Lindsay is working on a new site that is actually in the ocean. They have built a cofferdam off the island and sucked out the water so that they can excavate a shipwrecked boat. How they built the dam and maintained it was really interesting. Connor also ties it together with a journal that has been found by the only survivor of the shipwreck. She includes passages from this journal. As the translator is translating the work for the archaeology team, you also get to read in his own words what happened. It adds to the suspense and is well done.

The problems start right away when it is found out that there are treasure hunters watching every move that is being made. There are rumours that there is another shipwreck somewhere with lots of treasure to be had. The island that they are excavating has been under the care of a biology research team who have been shoved to the side by this more “important” work. The biology team aren’t happy and do all they can to cause problems and not be helpful. People start turning up dead and there are too many people that could be blame. Boats become sabotaged and the crews are put into dangerous situations.

Lindsay must figure out: who is doing the present day killings, whom did the 400 year old killings, and at the same time a romance is budding between her and someone she has had a rocky past with. It all culminates in what everyone had feared throughout the book, a hurricane which helps Lindsay solve all the mysteries in one fell swoop. I did not figure this one out at all.

Her book list for this series is:

  • A Rumor of Bones
  • Questionable Remains
  • Dressed To Die
  • Skeleton Crew
  • Airtight Case
  • Kill Site (to be published in 2007)

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