Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gillman,

I've been listening to the Craftlit podcast for a long time. Heather Ordover who has been an English teacher and is very knowledgeable hosts. We started with Pride and Prejudice, and at the moment I'm listening to her short story casts. I know that she eventually does Henry James' Turn of the Screw, which I'm looking forward to listening. Heather has a great voice and does such a good job commenting on the work. There is craft talk, but it isn't the whole cast, so those that don't craft I don't think would mind. She gets the readings from Librivox, or reads some of the short stories herself.

I just had to talk about The Yellow Wallpaper. Where have I been??? Why haven't I read or heard of Charlotte Perkins Gillman??? I mean, I took a course in women's writing in college and I don't remember reading this remarkable work! If you have been like me and have missed it...well you just have to read it. I listen to it and even though I knew what was probably going to happen...it is so well written you are just totally taken in. You want to know whether the girl and the husband where in collusion against the wife...or where they just trying to help. Why would the husband feel that such a place would be appropriate for a woman who was so obviously depressed. I could just go on! I would love to discuss this with someone, so if you read it let me know!!!

I've been working with Anna from Wenlock books on a discussion forum. I'm having a few difficulties with the skin (way the forum looks), but it is up and running. (Very under used though). If you would like to have a look and have read any of the books that are to be discussed, feel free to start them off. Anna is fine with the discussion including more then just the people who are actually going to the groups. She has had such luck with the groups, that they had to turn people away. That is why she is hoping to get this going and see if this can be an extension to her bookstore!

Happy reading...(I'm still 2 books behind reviewing...or is it 3???)


Anonymous said...

Wow, you make me want to read 'The Yellow Wallpaper", but it might take a while...got to finish the challenge books first. Nice to see a post from you, Dawn. Have missed you!

Anonymous said...

missed you too! i registered in the forum and am going to mention it on my blog. looks like some great reading choices!!

Unknown said...

Lotus, it is a quick read! Makes me want to read more stuff from that area written by women. I already knew about Kate Chopin, but there must be lots more righting in the same vein.

Heather! Thanks so much for that. I'm still trying to sort out the colors and stuff, but it would be great if we could really get these discussions going!