Friday, October 13, 2006

Independent Bookseller of the Year 2006

I've been meaning to tell you all about my favorite bookstore! It isn't one of the big chains with expresso machines (which I don't drink anyway) or too many books about stuff I'll never read! It is however the Independent Bookseller of the year for 2006. Where is this lovely store...well it is in my beloved's hometown of Much Wenlock, right in the heart of beautiful Shropshire and is called (appropriately) Wenlock Books. (With a blog at

I've been visiting this book store for the last six year or so. Over time the owner, Anna Dreda, and I have developed a friendship that I value very much. She is so enthusiastic about books you can't help be comfortable in the shop. It isn't huge, but it is packed with all kinds of goodness. Upstairs they have good quailty used books. I always go right to the small hardback literature classics first and then to the travel (looking for that Dervla Murphy or Josie Dew I need). Then a peek at religion, biography, fiction, mystery and crafts. Then downstairs to see what is new and if lucky a cup of tea while I sit and browse the childrens department. I always find something for presents for friends, stuff for myself...and the cards....she has some of the most beautiful cards! Tired of those stupid cards with bodily function jokes and ugly pictures?? I even found a great card for my nephew that has cool beetles on it!

Much Wenlock itself is worth a visit. I highly recommend the Copper Kettle tea room, there are two wonderful delis, and a coffee room just off the beaten track a bit. You can easily spend a day just walking down the high street shopping at Twenty Twenty (art gallery) or Rainbows End (a gift shop with great clothes and kids stuff). Or you can visit Wenlock Abbey, the remains of the Abbey torn down by Henry VIII.

Can you tell I love this town?? I want to move back there! Hopefully one day we will.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I envy you Dawn! Wenlock along with its wonderful bookstore, lovely tea room, delis and coffee shops, sure sounds like a town every bookie would love! We do have a fairly nice independent book store here, but I can't help thinking it's a bit run down - wish they would renovate it a little. I will go visit the Wenlock Books' blog now, it sure look interesting.

heatherandrea said...

Sounds sooo lovely. Wandering about in a little town like that on a Saturday afternoon would be perfect!

candie said...

I'm with Lotus Reads, totally envious! I love used book stores!

Lesley said...

Ooh, it sounds like a lovely place - wish I could visit!