Thursday, August 10, 2006

Email trouble (cross posted)

I'm having trouble with my yahoo email account. If you get an email from DON'T open it. I cannot get Yahoo to help me at all! I can't get into the account and I'm trying to get them to cancel it, but they don't seem to be able to. If you have IM and get a messaging saying that your account has been used for unauthorized purposes and you need to click on an URL to clear up the problem DON'T do it! That is what happen to me.

I am hoping to get a new address soon, maybe gmail...we will see. If you want to write me, please write dlao_1967 at yahoo dot com dot uk.....


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Lotus Reads said...

Just stopping by to say a quick "Hello"! I am still on holiday but I look forward to catching up with all your posts when I return on the 25th. Until then, please take care and happy reading and blogging! :)